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peer-to-peer feedback and reflection

dajah and zander share out with the group

— 2 years ago
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we have been working with scissors — cutting specific shapes to make images in collage. this week, we began to add details using colored pencils. we also started to develop a process for pair-and-share critique.

— 2 years ago
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we have been studying the collage work of benny andrews, looking at how he represents people and places. first and second graders created their own environments, using only: hands, paper and glue.

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what would you like to see around this image?

continuation drawings: extend the lines, then use your imagination

— 2 years ago
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we took a fieldtrip to the ogden museum of the art, where we saw many ways in which artists represent the places they live and the places they come from

— 2 years ago
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People make maps because…

People make maps to show where things are at. – Chase B.

People make maps because they get lost sometimes. – Iris P.

People make maps to see the city. – Tristan C.

People make maps because sometimes people don’t know where to go. – Kyron C.

People make maps so they can get to place to place. – Erinique D.

People make maps because they need to know what direction to go in. – Solveigh P.

People make maps because they want to know where they’re going. – Adriana V.

People make maps because they can know where to go and never get lost and know the right path. – Jada J.

— 2 years ago
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